Our school, the Canisiusschool, is a secondary upper school for boys and girls. Originally a school for girls, it has been educating students for more than 100 years. Nowadays about 714 boys and girls are taught by about 66 teachers. On the basis of the Christian faith students learn together in a modern, 21st century-science-based society. It is run by the Bishop in Münster and therefore independent from state, however, terms and conditions of educational standards apply to our school as well. Our students do exceptionally well in competitions and comparative studies with other secondary upper schools.



Our headmaster is Mr. Ulrich Walters and our deputy head is Mr. Hans-Michael Meyer.



The school is situated in Ahaus, a town in the North-West part of Germany, near the Dutch border. Ahaus is twinned with Haaksbergen, Netherlands, and has about 30.000 inhabitants. The region offers more the 100 castles, all linked up by a famous bike path. Its main characteristic is the mostly flat landscape.

Internationality is lived day by day. Our students can choose between several languages, such as English (obligatory), Latin, French, Spanish, Russian or even Ancient Greek. There have been some extracurricular courses in Mandarin or Dutch as well over the past few years.



Our school also offers the possibility to go out into the world and get in touch with partners. We have student exchanges on a regular basis with Rotherham/Great Britain, Argentré/France, Lima/Peru and Kansas City /USA. In addition to that our school has been working for more than 20 years in international, EU financed programmes like Sokrates, Comenius or Etwinning with several countries around Europe (i.e. Poland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Italy, Aland Islands/Finland, Spain, Turkey).



Based on faith and trusting in the love of God whom we encounter especially in our disenfranchised and poor neighbour, we have contributed to a reduction of poverty by holding an annual charity event in favour of a Brazilian creche in Leme, near Sao Paolo, Brazil since 1967.

Our students also have extensive experience in natural sciences, sports competitions, music and theatre performance. The School Choir, our Bigband and our Musical Course with its several performances contribute to the everyday life of the students and teachers as well as the several natural science or sports competitions we take part (and succeed) in.



Students can do voluntarily (Yr. 9) or compulsory (Yr. 11) internships and get to know the world of working. Our school is also involved in a work-and-study partnership with local companies.



School starts at 7.45 a.m.  Most younger students finish their school day by 1 p.m. In the school’s canteen, our kitchen offers delicious, healthy meals every day for the older students who have to stay in for afternoon lessons.






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