Our trip in England


In the morning of the day we went to Canterbury we got up at a quarter past six. Our host family was in the kitchen and made the packet lunch for our day out. We ate cereals with milk and toast. Unfortunately we could not taste an English breakfast. We had to walk to our meeting point. It was wonderful to see Hastings in the morning.

After we had driven to Canterbury, we visited the Cathedral. First we saw a film about the Cathedral and the history. After that we got an audio-guide that should tell us something about the Cathedral. It was a little bit stupid, but my audio-guide could not speak Or – maybe it could speak, but it did not say any word. So I had to walk with the students from our grade and I did so then I would hear something. Because of that I think that a guide would be better than an audio guide. But to see the Cathedral with the big windows was fantastic.

In the afternoon we spent free-time in the City of Canterbury. It was great. We could eat something or went into the shops. Maybe the city is not like London, but I loved it anyway.

After our free-time we went to the Canterbury tales. Before we heard the first story, our teachers had divided us in five little groups. We got an audio-guide and a headset. Then we went from a room in the next and in every room we heard another story. In the rooms were dolls which were as big as a real people. The Canterbury tales were the best thing we did on this day. In the tales was a person that wanted to know who can tell the best story. He heard a story from each person who went with him and these stories we heard, too.

At four o’clock we went back to our host families. We walked together with some girls who are in our grade to the Priory Road, were we stayed. Our host family was very friendly. We liked them really. They asked us how our day was and then we ate together. They spoke very clearly so that we understood them very well.

I would go to England again. It was a nice class trip and we saw how the English people live and how they are. The program was interesting and we saw a lot of sights. I think German people have to go to England because of the English people who are very, very polite and because of the landscape. And when they are in England, they should taste fish and chips, because it tastes fantastic…


Eileen Meier



The journey to England


I would like to tell you about one day in London:

In the morning we woke up at 6:45am and had breakfast at 7o’clock. After that we walked down to our bus station in Hastings. The trip to London was very long, it took 3 hours and we all didn’t like it very much. In London we first went to Greenwich and looked at the 0° Meridian. For some people it was very exciting, but I didn’t like it very much. Later we arrived in the Maritime Museum, but almost everybody thought that it was boring there. Well, the Greenwich Observatory was interesting because you can see a lot of things there. We met the people from Whitstable there; it was very funny to see them. The next stop was the boat, which took us over the river Thames. The tour was very windy and we saw a lot of sights, like the „erotische Gurke“ or the „Tower Bridge“ and the „London Eye“. Everybody took a lot of photos, but nobody lost his camera. After the boat-tour we had to walk a long way to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. A guide took us around the Theatre and showed us all the interesting things in it. We visited a part of a play from Shakespeare, too. Later we went with our guide to a room, where we played a scene from Shakespeare’s play „Romeo and Juliet“. It was very funny for everyone. Before we went back to the bus, we had waited for the other group in the Globe Theatre. And we had also walked 30 minutes to it. When we came back it was 9:00 pm and we went to sleep. The most exciting sights I saw this day were the Globe Theatre, because it is very old and very interesting and the „London Eye“, because I saw it only in TV and now I saw it live. The German students have to go to England, because you can see all the typical things English people do and it’s very exciting to do so. I liked how they live and what they eat and drink. It is a very good experience to be once in your life in England and I always want to do it again. Everything is different in England and the families are often nice. I love England. German students should go there and gain their own experience.


Kimberley Steinhagen



The day in London: a great experience


On Tuesday we travelled to London. We had to get up at 7 a.m. because we met the others at 8 a.m. I hate to get up early, but it was ok because we travelled to London and I hadn’t been to London before. It was the first breakfast in our host family, so we felt a little bit unsure about it. The breakfast was ok, we ate cornflakes and toast. At 8 o’clock a.m. we were at the meeting point. It was a 1½ hour ride by bus to London. Then we saw Tower Bridge. After we had seen it, the bus stopped and we got off. At 11 a.m. we had a sightseeing tour by bus through London. It was quite good, because it was a German guide, so I understood a lot of it. We went out at Buckingham Palace, where we spent some free-time. At lunchtime we walked over to London Eye because there was a McDonalds. It seemed a good idea to me because I was very hungry and I had already eaten my packed lunch. Then we went to Shakespeare’s Globe. It was a long way. We saw a lot of street artists”. They entertained us. At 4 p.m. we had a workshop in Shakespeare’s Globe. The guide spoke very easy English, so we understood a lot of it again. The workshop was very interesting because we had to act a little bit, but first we had to warm up our bodies. Then we had to show the others some “pictures” with acting. That was very funny! After the workshop the bus took us back to Whitstable, but we were too early, so we had to wait for an hour. After we had waited, our host mothers or host fathers picked us up and took us to their house. In the evening Theresa and I watched some TV with our host father. He watched a football game.


I can recommend the trip/the program, because for me it was a great experience to go to Whitstable, London, Dover and Chatham, but I think I would go to Whitstable again and not to Hastings, because the trips to London and Dover aren’t so long. German Students should go to England because it’s a great experience to live in an English family and in their little house. It’s also a great experience to go to London for two days.


Written by Katrin Wolfering,8a



My trip to England

Day IV (24th October,2008)



I’d like to tell you something about our trip to England. Well, I’ll inform you about our fourth day in London.

First of all, we (Johanna and I) woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning. We had to get up very early, because we had to be at our bus stop at 7.30.If we had been late, our bus would have driven without us. We went downstairs, where we got our breakfast: Branflakes-like every morning. Before we left our house, our host mum had given us our lunch for the day.

We got a shock…We had to got right now. Otherwise we wouldn’t get our bus! But at the bus stop, we were on time. Our busdriver drove us to Greenwich, to the Observatory. We saw the 0-meridian and took some pictures. After that, we had the chance to enter the Maritime museum. Patricia, Johanna and I were interested in it, so we went in.

But we were so bored, that we left it after 10 minutes, and went to the boys, who waited in front of the museum…Hanging out with the boys was much funnier! After, I think, an hour, the whole group (a part from the 8a,the 8b and the 8c) went to a ‘harbour’, where a boat waited for visitors like us. The boat trip was really great. We saw the Tower Bridge, which I really like, the London Eye and a lot of other sights. The London Eye is much bigger when you stand under it than it seems when you’re far away! And finally…we had time to spend some free time. We ate something at Mc’Donalds, and took pictures. But our break wasn’t long enough, I think. We walked a very very long way to the Globe Theatre. It looked boring, but our tour guide Diana, who showed and told us something about Shakespeare’s Globe, explained everything so well, that I was really into it! She took us to a little stage near the Globe and did a workshop, which was my favourite. Did you know, that the Globe today is not on the same place as the first Globe?! They tried to build it as close as possible. Then, we were very tired and went by bus to Hastings and we walked to our host family, which was 20 minutes away from our bus stop. We went into our beds, after we had arrived at our house. Before we slept, we spoke about the day. Poor feet, they hurt very much.

I really recommend the trip to England. It is a nice experience you can have. And if I could, I would go right back to it. I think, it is very important for students to go there, because you learn something new and you can see England in a different way-with your eyes, not just in a book or on TV! I hope, you will join it.

Have fun!


Cäcilia Heidemann


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